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Free at last, free at last!
November 25, 2002, 7:00 pm
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On the new design finally. Hope everyone likes it. And if you don’t… (shakes fist) If you have any suggestions or comments, leave them under comments. Everything should work, save for some random stuff most of you will never notice. And if you do… good work. Anyway, as soon as I can get into contact with bokka, you can expect some new bootlegs, as I now have some good hosting so generously donated to me by Steve and sftbh.com. So just sit back and enjoy the new, sleeker Weezer- RiffRaff.

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it works. yay.

Comment by benji

someone likes poop’s blogger (lol). this design is much better. good job

Comment by name

I’m liking this one alot better. Mainly because it actually looks good in 800×600.

Comment by Eric

it rocks

Comment by ryan

suggestion: instead of saying weezer at the top in grey, make is say weezed

Comment by Helpmemike

BENJI. I like a lot better. ALOT. I agree with Mike with changing the banner thing to weezed. It rocks none-the-less.

Comment by Steve

hmm… it’s weird. anyway, it’s been suggested that i do change it to weezed. i’ve been thinking about it, but in the end, i’m just too lazy to do it at the moment.

Comment by benji

ooh tables. observe.

Comment by benji

tables are hardcore

Comment by ryan


Comment by Steve

i like

Comment by Steve

benji, i am your father.

Comment by tory

steve’s my brother.

Comment by benji

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