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I'll pay someone to go mug the drugstore Santa.
December 1, 2002, 11:36 am
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Y100 Sonic Sessions- 6/20/97
03- Pink Triangle

I continue on with my mp3 posting spree, and give you the third track of the show. New one tomorrow perhaps. I’ve christmastized the site, as you might be able to tell. Pete, you ain’t got nutthin’ on me. First day of Advent today!

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for snizzle yo pete.

Comment by benji


Comment by Steve

thanks for the mp3’s

Comment by ryan

all in a days work as your loyal webmaster.

Comment by benji

o right benji i rock your world fo shizzle

Comment by pete

no no man. i believe your world is the one that has been rocked, since i personally have been doin’ the rockin’.

Comment by benji


…I think I just rocked all of you….heh heh heh….


Comment by Steve

don’t make me pull out the bitch-slap-stick. i’ll bitch slap you all the way to bangkok.

heh. heh…. bang kok. heh.


Comment by benji

benji i think we should both kick steves ass!!!!! lol

Comment by pete

benji who is your FSOTM for Dec?

Comment by pete

whoa holy shit. it’s december, isn’t it? dammit. tomorrow guys, i swear…

(stares into space again)


Comment by benji

haha ….no

Comment by Steve

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