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Why do I do this to myself? You'd know better than me.
December 3, 2002, 5:33 pm
Filed under: Media

Y100 Sonic Sessions- 6/20/97
05- El Scorcho

The Scorch is now up. Downloadable today, gone tomorrow. In other news, I’m planning on making a complete database of Weezines. I have the first 5 Weezines in their entirety, but if you have ANY pics of the other zines I would great appreciate it if you would upload them. I only have the covers of the remaining zines, and they are miniscule. Help will be greatly rewarded.


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i was thinking o doing that

Comment by pete

i read your mind.

Comment by benji

what is a m3u file? thats what el scorcho saved as.

Comment by ryan

jigga wha? you’re smokin’ weed. I dunno. saves as mp3 for me. just rename it to .mp3.

Comment by benji

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