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I am quite possibly the weirdest man alive.
December 26, 2002, 4:34 pm
Filed under: Just Stuff

Click here to go to the video page to check out an… odd… video I made with my $20 digital camera and Maladroit. I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Who doesn’t enjoy watching people make complete idiots of themselves?

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talk about a climatic ending.

Comment by benji

mm mm good

Comment by Steve

The quality was pretty lacking for 20.2mb… But good non-the-less… 2nd place.

Comment by Eric

u suck benji

Comment by pete

nice accent.

Comment by Anonymous

the video was way cool.

Comment by lexi

omg,that was hilarious!!I mean really…..you truly have a talent,I dont know anyone else who can airguitar the way you do,Benji.

Comment by Hannah

i bet everyone wishes they could be as cool as you.

Comment by wepeel

the coolness level is uber up there indeed. it’s a knack i have.

Comment by benji

Oh yeah,forgot to mention……you are handsome,benji.

Comment by Hannah

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