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Somebody donate $250 to the Benji fund.
January 1, 2003, 12:34 pm
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If you’ll go to to screensavers you’d be happy to find there an all new screensaver! It’s a nice lil’ saver I put together with some nice lookin’ effects. I’ve also updated the ftp stats for you all to look at. If anyone has any suggestions for this month’s FSOTM email me (yes, even if you’re suggesting your own site).

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Do Weezed. It deserves it.

Comment by Eric

yeah, it’s a great site. i don’t think the owner would appeciate it as much as other webmasters would though.

Comment by benji

How about Untitled Track? That’s a great site. http://www.riverscuomo.tk Or… http://rivers.maladroit.com It’s the same thing… Great site though.

Comment by Eric

hmm… maybe. i dunno. i think i have another site on my mind at the moment.

Comment by benji


Comment by Steve

where they hell’d you disappear to? We gotta get some work on on the JFK

Comment by andrew (bikzrul)

maybe i slept for 3 days straight.

nope. i had basketball stuff.

Comment by benji

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