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Damn you mosh pit!
January 18, 2003, 2:33 pm
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Some more minor A/V updates today. I’ve added an interview Rivers did awhile back to the audio page, and a video of Weezer performing in the bowling alley to the video page. Alright, I gotta tell you this… Last night I went to a local band/hangout music place, and I fell square on my wrist. It hurt like a bitch. Anyway, so today I had a basketball game, and I actually blocked someone. Unfortunately I got my legs taken out and I fell… you guessed it… square on my wrist. Not good. So anyway, here I sit, typing with one hand, hoping I didn’t break it. Have pity for me.

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aww poor benji. i hope your wrist isnt broken 😦

Comment by lexi

You know… You should probably get that checked otu. I mean… You might have… Chai. Hmm…

Comment by Eric

I pity the fool! (Benji)

Comment by Steve

doctors?! i don’t need no damn doctors! now get me my flask wench!

and did he just call me a fool?

Comment by benji


Comment by wepeel

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