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January 23, 2003, 2:04 pm
Filed under: Site News

Be sure to check out the sweet new flash thing on the enter page. I spent way too much time on that. There’s also a new piece of fanart uploaded by some random person. Now, on to some more news…

I’ve recently gotten my hands on the St. Paul show video bootleg. I am however, in dire need of webspace. If ANYONE has a cable modem with webspace you aren’t using (you might not even realize you get webspace) please leave a comment here. If you allow me to use your webspace you’ll be the first to get the mpegs and I’ll give you an FTP account. So, basically if you have a cable modem leave a comment, especially if you have Wide Open West or Comcast services.

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the flash thing is awesome. great great great stuff. keep it up.

Comment by june


Comment by Steve

thanks. does anyone have cable modems here? aWRAg. i know you’re good for me steve. 🙂

Comment by benji

Flash is awesome. I have cable modem. Cool, fragments.

Comment by Eric

i have a cable modem.

Comment by wepeel

the flash on the enter page is outstanding. very impressed.

Comment by Joe

The Flash Intro is nothing less than TEH best.

Comment by leendert

check out http://scottshriner.net flash intro. its funny, yet awesome.

Comment by Steve

haha. good work steve.

Comment by benji

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