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Turns out yams and sweet potatos are one.
January 26, 2003, 8:58 pm
Filed under: Site News

You can now play the killer new game I’ve made here. It’s Weezer snake! It’s pretty hard actually, the snake won’t hesitate to die when you heard toward the walls…. My top score is 30 or so.
I’ve also got the St. Paul video bootleg in the mail. Big thanks to the person who sent that to me. I still need generous people who might be able to give me some hosting. Get on it, or be deprevied.


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my high score is 8. yay?

Comment by wepeel

I got up to 44!

Comment by radjago

to ansewer your question i have sold 100 items

Comment by PETE

i got a 51 on my 2nd try. any challengers?

Comment by cleaverkeys

you’ve got me beat. i still haven’t been able to get over 30.

Comment by benji

I have like… 40mb on my hosting acount… I could spare some of that.

Comment by Eric

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