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I showed my bro how to use the compuer. Worst idea ever.
February 10, 2003, 10:11 pm
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Info on the brand new contest is now up here! The contest… figure out a password to get into a website (And it’s not riverscuomo.com)! And of course, as stated earlier, there are goods to be had. Visit the contest page for more info, and how to get started!

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Comment by Steve

….what’s to hehed at?

Comment by benji


Comment by poopman


Comment by PETE

hahaha heh.

Comment by Steve

is the past tense of heh really a contraction….?

Comment by benji

who cares?

Comment by Steve

i don’t like to be wrong.

Comment by benji

it’d be “heh’d”

Comment by wepeel

why? heh’d doesn’t combine two words to make it easier like a contraction does. and it’s certainly not possessive.

Comment by benji

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