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Sound advice- teach your children never to search for fictional characters in the ocean.
February 25, 2003, 4:08 pm
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The last 5 songs off Reading 1996 are now posted on the audio page. Get them while you can. Thanks once again to Pinkerjon for these. Also, just letting everyone know I am moving servers (from mooching off weezor.net to weezer.ca). Thanks to both Weezor and .Ca for the hosting. On my new servers however I won’t have the ability to keep my message board running unforunately. Thanks to everyone who visited em, it’s been real. They may make a return in the future, I don’t know.


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dude, what happened to the weezerhq.com hints?>

Comment by MIke

have you checked the contest page recently? 😉

Comment by benji

heh heh

Comment by Steve

no mb! 😦
now i’ll have nothing to do!

Comment by wepeel

oh, and about the hints.. i knew it was 1337! now i just have to figure out what exactly.. 😐

Comment by wepeel

the 1337 language is so diverse…

Comment by benji

hey benji, when are you gonna upload the next st. paul video’

Comment by elchileno

in due time, in due time. i was thinking around the time when weezer starts recording?

Comment by benji

HAHA never.

Comment by Steve

you’re a quick one steve. 🙂
i’ll post as soon as skyler can get the tiles put on.

Comment by benji

hey benji, i just wanted to tell you i got the package and ll be sending yours out next week

Comment by pete

a) its more than just the title 😉
b) pinkerjon shouldnt get thanks for the boot 😡
c) what package is pete talkin ’bout?

Comment by poopman5k

ok, ok, and my package.

Comment by benji

why shouldn’t pinkerjon get any thanks?
(i really can’t tell if you’re kidding or not)

Comment by harrybb

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