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Tu as le munchies, n'est pas?
March 1, 2003, 11:58 pm
Filed under: Media

The next track of St. Paul, Tired of Sex, is now posted on the video page! There’s been word of the existance of a Avant Garde video bootleg, which should be no less then interesting, if not amazing. Makes me miss the 80s even more. Well… no it doesn’t.


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hair metal rivers, ohhhhh yeaaahhhhhh

Comment by nathan12343

dammit the 80’s were… awesome in their own way. but i miss the early 90’s… a lot…

Comment by galen

You did a mistake on your topic, Tu as les munchies, n’est pas?

hehehe and your site rock

Comment by carl

and you made a mistake in your comment. your site rocks. heh.

Comment by benji

good call.

Comment by Steve

Hey everyone…if you have any good ideas of art or anything, don’t show Pete at weezerisland, because he fucking steals them. He fucking stole my Milk Carton idea and its on the front of the newest Weezine. Fucking shit.

Comment by Steve

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