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So what should I do, steal some champagne?
March 12, 2003, 8:03 pm
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Thanks to the huge hint I have out yesterday a couple people actually got the password to the contest! The quickest to the draw though was Mike. Good work! Unfortunately coming in one day too slow was Mcgbenchstar. Thanks to everyone who kept trying to pry the password out of me, though I was a little dissapointed at the lack of bribes. Oh… and the password? It was n00bzsuxx0r.


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the actual spelling would be, “sux0r” you n00b.

Comment by wepeel

That’s no fair! I won! We all know it. You just weren’t on for me to tell you that I won. o_O;)

Comment by Helpmemike

i didn’t… have to be… on…. liar! i condemn you to eternity in hell!

Comment by benji

That was a little harsh!
I was only playin’ yo.

Comment by Helpmemike

I wish I hadnt helped make the password. Now I cant win a prize from Benji.

Comment by Steve

Steve, don’t you agree that I wuz the Mike that accessed the site first?

Comment by Helpmemike


Comment by Steve

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