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Grover Cleaveland- 166 years old and still the fatest president.
March 18, 2003, 5:01 pm
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I am now hosting Weezer RIP. To check it out click here. I also added some more press. Click here. I’ve picked up a couple uber leet bootlegs I may post in due time. St. Paul is first on the agender though. Yeah, I said agender. (It’s french).

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You’re french, you stupid bastard.


Comment by Steve

france licks the cock

Comment by pete

don’t say that, i’m sure there a lot of nice french people.

i’m kidding. (no i’m not)

Comment by benji

We actually use agenda (agender is a verb that means postpone).
I’m not French, I’m Swiss, but have a tendency to agree with the French these days…

Comment by Crooty :-)

i don’t blame you.

Comment by benji


Comment by Steve

benji is uber gya

Comment by tory

i have other sources of that camden video you know…..

Comment by benji

i would jsut like to say that here in maine we DO say agender.

cause we have style and hick accents.

Comment by gek

yall r a bunch of stupid govenrment bitches!!!!!! u suck big dicks & suck fat peoples ass cracks!!

Comment by ernie

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