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When bad things happen to stupid people, good things happen.
March 21, 2003, 4:23 pm
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The 2002 Irvine California show from the Enlightenment tour is now posted on the audio page, in it’s entirety. Comment if there are any broken links, because I’m too lazy to test every single one. Also, word has it The Space Twins will be releasing their new CD via the internet and mail order within a few weeks. The art is apparently all drawn up ready to go. Also, it’s been said that the Space Twins are planning a more extensive tour than the few random dates planned right now. Cool.

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you ever going to host the Mikey extravaganza?

Comment by wepeel

u disnt thank me

Comment by pete

the good life track on the irvine show doesn’t work

Comment by tyler

hey thanks to everyone who put this up, you guys are great. i’ve been waiting for this show since i went to it. by the way the good life doesnt work

Comment by steve

oh yeah, and thanks pete!

Comment by benji

benjis a good guy…heh.

Comment by Steve

was the “oh yeah” referring to me?

Comment by wepeel

sure. and the good life is fixed by the way.

Comment by benji

hey pete dont take credit for the irvine boot. no one whould have ever got it, if i never taped it and sold it on ebay

Comment by ernie

you shouldnt take credit for this at all. the biggest headlining weezer show ever and you give us a 32kbps rip? wtf…

Comment by Pedro

Can you repost the audio files from the Irvine 2002 show please? I didn’t get them while they were up. Or can someone at least send them to me? Please!!!!

Comment by Dave

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