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If you have no ups just lower the hoops.
March 29, 2003, 1:39 am
Filed under: Media

Now up on the video page is the next track from St. Paul, Smile! Other small updates around the site too. The upload script on the art page is back up and running. Speaking of fanart check out a couple of new submissions here. You can check out a some new wallpapers by Yahooeric. I’ve also worked heavily on the pics pages, basically making it flow smoother. That’s about it for now I suppose. Believe it or not, this site has been open for over a year now. Imagine the countless hours I’ve wasted on this site. Heh. Anyway, I’m off on spring break with the family. Steve should keep you amused until I return. And I shall.

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banjo’s crying, hes never coming back.

Comment by poopman5k

that’s almost as cool as benjki or benji kweller.

Comment by wepeel

hey benji or whomever.. what would you think about that interview with pat and rivers at the maladroit mtv release concert? i saw a bit of it on mtv.com, but you know how streaming stinks. is it on mpg form yet? hmm, thanks for everything on here though. good stuff

Comment by nick


Comment by Steve

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