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April 8, 2003, 6:40 pm
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Go to the audio page for a new interview with Mikey Welsh after a kickovers show last year. Mikey seems a bit confused for the entire interview, which may be a result of getting so involved in his “art”…


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thanks to weepel for this by the way.

Comment by benji

those interviewers are lame

Comment by robert wolfgrahm


Comment by Steve

They really think they’re funny…maybe you had to be there…to find it funny…but it was a nice little interview….i think I’ll stop now:)

Comment by Ingenting

of course we’re lame.

Comment by wepeel

god, benji kweller, you spelled my name wrong again.

who said we think we’re funny?

Comment by wepeel

the questions were pretty stupid

Comment by robert wolfgrahm

damn proper nouns. and you usally don’t insult people in their presence.

well shit, they’re not in your presense… eh… proceed.

Comment by benji

never mind, I wasn’t talking about you…unless your one of the interviewers?

Comment by Ingenting

they’re not in your presence….

Comment by benji

haha…oooookee….I was just proceeding…I’m sorry, I’ll stop now…I’m not making much sense at the moment:)

Comment by Ingenting


Comment by Steve

omg jesus christ is like, here?

Comment by benji


Comment by Steve

you forgot to capitalize the p.

Comment by benji

everything happens for a reason, benji.

Comment by Steve

Yes, I was one of the interviewers. And yes, the questions were stupid.

Comment by wepeel

how brave of you to tell the truth…
beware of the consequenses…

Comment by just me

Man I started flipping out because I didn’t know why this website had my interview on it… Daniella, you should’ve told me you were giving it out! I just had to call Aleks on my cell phone (I’m at work right now) and find out how these people got the recording of the interview.

Anyway, I’m the moron asking all of the stupid questions on the tape. *takes a bow*

Oh, and just to clear things up… it wasn’t after the show, it was before the show. Mikey was perfectly sober at the time, he didn’t get drunk until later on in the evening.

And no, we didn’t think we were funny.

Comment by Shana

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