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Men, surving the wrath of PMS for thousands of years!
April 15, 2003, 6:24 pm
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Now back, thanks to Tory, is the Weezer Fan Database! Click here. If you don’t remember, the Weezer Fan Database was a great tool for finding fans in your area, along with finding people AIM or board names. (Or finding someone’s real name using the board name for that matter). So head on over and sign up today. The DB link will be under the ‘Fun’ section on the nav up top.

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how’d you make that front page?

Comment by ryan

i typed it out. it took me hours.

Comment by benji

There’s a program that does it in seconds. Or… Minutes. Depending on your computer and the size of the image.

Comment by Eric

It looks very impressive, I like it.

Comment by Ingenting

shhhh don’t tell. i wrote the program.

Comment by benji

no you didnt benji, stop taking credit.

Comment by Steve

steve….. i have ways of pulling strings to taint certain names….

Comment by benji

wat did u want benji

Comment by pete

i forgot to ask you something besides the tape… eh… get back on aim. heh.

Comment by benji


Comment by nick

pixel monster

Comment by mike

benji can you please post the rest of the st. paul video boot on your site. Or if you cant do that because of bandwidth issues, could you please put the rest of the vids onto you ftp


Comment by wayne

it’s a little more complicated than that…. if i could post them all right now i would, but there are syncing issues with the video that poopman has to fix.

Comment by benji

uploaded a funny video of some kids playing SAIS into the FTP

Comment by name

with that program, couldn’t you have color to it? that would be kool.

Comment by nick

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