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The Scorpians will come back from the 80s to rule once again.
April 22, 2003, 10:32 pm
Filed under: Just Stuff

As you may have known the Weezer Top 25 has run a bit out of date (Weezer.ws and The Weezer Source for a start), and it often wasn’t counting hits right. But now, thanks to Weezer.ca, hopefully these problems can be fixed. I’m going to close the old Top 25 in a matter of time, but everyone can go sign up at the new one at www.weezertop25.tk. Look for the next St. Paul video soon, really, I mean it.


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its my fault.

Comment by poopman5k

hey, way to cheat on the top 25 dealy, not telling the new link to anyone. >:O

Comment by poopman5k

wow, that face is so not angry.

Comment by poopman5k

Benji, if you’re not doing anything with sftbh.com, let me do something with it.

Comment by Brien

if benji gives it up i should get it.

Comment by poopman5k

god damn it benji get on aim

Comment by poopman5k

why the fuck would i give up sftbh.com? and i have been doing stuff with it….

Comment by benji

vote for me!!


Comment by mike

wheres teh scorcho?

Comment by poopman5k

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