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Finding Nemo, coming soon.
May 3, 2003, 11:11 am
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A new FSOTM is now up. Click here. This months victim, Weezerville.tk. Also, check out a new wallpaper I made. I was up all night eating Marshmellow Froot Loops, and I’m still able to pull through with a new FSTOM. Man, I’m good.


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very good.

Comment by Steve

site of the month for being known primarily, well only, for the robbery of hours and hours of work done by someone else. good job….

Comment by poopman5k

…. site of the month can be any site, not just the ones i support. i review all of them fairly and give an overall score based on my opinion.

Comment by name


Comment by Steve

yeah yeah…

Comment by poopman5k

What the fuck happened to Weezerfication? And I’d be glad to host a few things. Anything will help, eh?

Comment by Eric

Weezerfication will be back soon. I was hosting sftbh MP3s for Benji so those will also be down temporarily. Argh!

Comment by modtang

benji get on aim!

Comment by pete

i am on aim right…. now.

Comment by benji55545


Comment by Steve

whats FSOTM ?

Comment by =A-W-F"

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