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Nylon, the leather of the future!
May 8, 2003, 9:56 pm
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Some work on the pics section was done today, and about 30 new pics were added to the pics archive. Click here to investigate. I had some more for Scott, but apparently my numbering system had a flaw, and I ended up having about 20 pics ready to overwrite old ones… So uh, maybe I’ll do some file renaming and get those up for you. Other than that, my computer keeps crashing when I try to boot up my video editor, so I captured about 350 MB of video today, which will be sent off to Poopman for a quick syncing. So, until next time?


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what boot will be next? some 1996 stuff would be awsome. i only have that benefit show, from back then.

Comment by nick


Comment by mike

mike, that doesn’t sound pleasurable, to get a kiss that smells like tacos.

Comment by nick

i know you choo talkin about mike. hahaaha.
and next will probably be the 1994 Cerrito’s video.

Comment by benji

Aye Jennifer Lopez.

Taco Flaovred kisses for my Ben.

Comment by Steve

Nay, Henifer Lopez

Comment by mike


Comment by poopman5k

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