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It took awhile, but it was almost worth it.
June 25, 2003, 10:04 am
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At long last, the final three tracks to St. Paul are up on the video page. I’m glad to finally be finished giving this video out, simply because I think I have much better stuff I’d like to give to you. I’ll probably rip the 1994 Cerritos video for you next. It’s a little shakey, but hey, it’s 1994 Weezer. Anyway, I’ll be gone (again) this weekend, so no update until Monday. These videos should keep you busy for awhile. And consider the hosting!

Unabridged, uncensored, and totally unneccesary.
June 23, 2003, 7:23 pm
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Slightly out of order, but definately not out of line, is the next track of St. Paul, Island In The Sun. Click here. I also added a list of previously offered media. You can check that out on the a/v page if you enjoy that sort of thing. A few people in the Weezer community are heading up a new hosting plan if anyone is interested. Steve and I have already agreed to join in this little expiriment. Anyway, hosting will be cheap, reliable, and fast. The price will be around $20 a month for 4gb space and 50gb bandwidth with Cpanel. It’s a great deal kids, just check out liquidweb.com. They offer the same service for $80/month. We need 3 or 4 people so please email poopman5k and ask for details. And keep in mind, by no means does your webspace have to be remotely weezer related. It’s your space.

A rather sophisticated metaphor.
June 22, 2003, 11:24 am
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I have returned, as you may already know. I guess I’ll attempt to restore order on the site. Heh. Anyway, there are two new Weezines added to the archive, including the Mykel and Carli tribute issue, thanks once again to the wonderul Bren@. I have seen the error of my ways with the St. Paul videos. I’m not really sure how it happened, but it has, and it shall be fixed. Look for IITS in the coming days. I can’t believe I can still hear jet engines in my ear, it’s starting to worry me.

The Juice is back.
June 15, 2003, 7:47 pm
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As promised I have delivered the 15th track of St. Paul. It’s Butterfly and it’s good. Click here for that. Benji still doesn’t come back for a week or something. So leave comments on what I should update with next. And I don’t have anymore videos. :-/

[ EDIT ] – You better come up with something to update with or you’re getting nothing. I’m leaving Friday morning for my summer trip.

June 10, 2003, 10:51 pm
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Sex-ay – Click there!
The next St. Paul track is coming on… Sunday. So, get ready, bitches. I am currently updating the homepage, Benji told me to amuse you peeps with. So, sit tight.

School's out, but the work is not done.
June 9, 2003, 12:22 pm
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Check the video page for an epic performence of Buddy Holly from St. Paul. Click here. Equally as epic, also up on the video page are Buddy Holly and Why Bother from the Reading UK Festival, thanks to Berry. You can also get the SIAS video here. I also updated the Weezine Archive, thanks to the lovely Brend@. I’ll be out and about for the next 10 days, so Steve will have to entertain you for the time being. I have provided him with the next track of St. Paul, so hopefully he’ll get that up in the interim. And if when I come back there’s a single hula dancer or George Bush decorating my website this time, Steve will die. Check the main page for captions. Be back.

[Edit]- I’m not gone yet fuckers.

I should be studying for my french exam…
June 4, 2003, 7:03 am
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The next two tracks of the St. Paul show are on the video page! Click here. Tracks are Dope Nose and Why Bother. If you have missed any videos from St. Paul… eh… might I suggest an electric toothbrush? And, as promised, an update to the fanart page. Thanks to everyone who has been uploading and the whatnot. Keep it up!