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I should be studying for my french exam…
June 4, 2003, 7:03 am
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The next two tracks of the St. Paul show are on the video page! Click here. Tracks are Dope Nose and Why Bother. If you have missed any videos from St. Paul… eh… might I suggest an electric toothbrush? And, as promised, an update to the fanart page. Thanks to everyone who has been uploading and the whatnot. Keep it up!


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is the ftp still down?

Comment by =the anti-favre=

… maybe you could set up private accounts for people and allow them to download what they want one at a time … just a thought.

Comment by steven

oh he’s done that…. trust me.

Comment by Steve

perhaps i’m saying that the ftp is up… and you can just download st. paul tracks….? i dunno, i could be wrong.

Comment by benji

aw dude, i just entered the mobius strip

Comment by frankly

mmm geometry.

Comment by benji

algebra’s better

Comment by Steve


Comment by benji

i have my own account 😀 benji rox0rz

Comment by kevin

i gave you an account? when? hahaha.

Comment by benji

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