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June 10, 2003, 10:51 pm
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Sex-ay – Click there!
The next St. Paul track is coming on… Sunday. So, get ready, bitches. I am currently updating the homepage, Benji told me to amuse you peeps with. So, sit tight.


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I say you make a link on this blog page to another page with tons and tons of hula dancers.

thats amusing.

Comment by Mike


Comment by kevin

awesome page

Comment by Mike

thank you

Comment by Steve

completely unnecesary post.

Comment by poopman5k

whos running it poopman?


Comment by Steve

I only do it to piss of Benji.

Comment by Steve

what’s up with the vids. none will dl. o well. steve is doing a fine job on the homepage.

Comment by nick

I think you should “accidently” fuck everything up. Corrupt some tables… Delete a file here and there… Somehow invert the screen… So that everything is upside down… Yeah. That’d be excellent.

Comment by Eric

that’d be so hard to flip it upside down. i dunno if its even possible. is it?

Comment by Steve

anything is possible. chcek out some javascript sites and whatnot. benji needs a good wake-up call, dammit!!!

Comment by modtang

me fail english? that’s unpossible!

Comment by modtang

I’m not finding anything…

Comment by Steve

“whos running it poopman?



Comment by poopman5k


Comment by steven

benji is gonna kill you for putting hula dancers up

Comment by =the anti-favre

whats he gonna do?

Comment by Steve

does anyone have the sais video from reading, cuz this link is hella slow

Comment by matt

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