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Dubbya plays Counter-Strike.
July 7, 2003, 8:24 am
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Now up on the video page are the next two tracks of Cerritos. No One Else cuts off after about 20 seconds though, and the people taping the show talk to the camera a lot. Download if you must, but it’s not really worth 12 megs of your hard drive. Buddy Holly on the other hand, is plenty rockin. Thanks to Mike32 once again.

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tank u bennji

Comment by =the anti-favre=

yes thanks.

Comment by Steve


Comment by Jaisin

sias is the shit from this.

Comment by name


Comment by poopman5k

yay for mike32, thanks

Comment by Dave


Comment by Steve

Thanks again benj.

damn you ohio, now its 7% sales tax.

Comment by Prezhulio

lol, damn, i shoulda gone up there before that happened

Comment by name


Comment by Steve

i forgot to type my name the last one

Comment by Jaisin

why would you want to come to ohio at any time, regardless of tax rate?

Comment by benji

I have no choice but to go to tohio, i am moving there

Comment by Jaisin

It is where the family is!!!

Comment by Jaisin

.com update. fsdafsafdsafda.

Comment by =the anti-favre=

I will keep that in mind Anti-Favre………..

Comment by Jaisin

Ohio sucks.

Comment by Steve

i have never had the pleasure of going to ohio, i guess its not really that much of a pleasure though.

Comment by galen

Hey, we do have some cool amusement parks….near cincinatti anyways

Comment by Jaisin

they’re better toward sandusky.

Comment by benji

Why is it we always get to talking about where we live?????

Comment by Jaisin

ohio is incredibly boring. at least my cousins who live there are. im sorry benji, and anyone else who lives/will live there

Comment by kevin

I am looking forward to living there, except I have to leave all my friends behind and my boyfriend 😦

Comment by Jaisin

thank you for the videos, benji.

and ohio sucks, if you can, escape at all costs, i have heard it is much better outside this darn state.

Comment by drew

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