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I wrote the rulebook, you won't abide.
July 9, 2003, 9:42 pm
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I’m gone for the weekend, but before I leave I figured I’d get the next video of Cerritos up. Click here. Be prepared for more of your favorite play by play bootleg fruitcakes toward the end. I’ll leave Steve in charge aye? Tory too I guess.


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Comment by Steve

It’s a shame Benji has to go, but Steve is cool, I don’t know the Tory chick though

Comment by Jaisin

steve’s dumb.

Comment by Mike

what’s next bengay?

Comment by =the anti-favre=

Mike I’ll kill you. And Tory’s a guy. Don’t mistake him for a chick. You guys tell me something to update with and I’ll do it. I ain’t got any Weezer stuff really. I’ve got random crap.

Comment by Steve

I’ve got something semi-weezer related to update with.

Comment by Eric

Talk to me on AIM, Eric. – ScubaSteve749

Comment by Steve

Sorry, he has a chick nmae, I am a chick and I have a guy name…it’s all good

Comment by Jaisin

put up the songs from last july

Comment by Mike

benji’s “weekends” evidently go from wednesday to monday. thanks pal!

Comment by poopman5k

i hate benji.

Comment by poopman5k


Comment by Steve

“…I’ve come Undone… Oh no, HEY KARL! It gone…” Why does Rivers sing that in the 1996 Reading boot?

Comment by Eric

well, it seems hes saying hello to Karl Koch. lol… dammit i hate the phrase lol

Comment by galen

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