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A million screams and a million dreams.
August 4, 2003, 9:58 pm
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You might want to check out the audio page for some new stuff. Number one, Across The Sea- A Tribute to Weezer, which is an import from Japan that can be bought for some ridiciously high price from Amazon. Thanks to WeezerGeek888 for this! It’s very entertaining. They do kill a couple songs, but many are pretty good, such as The Good Life, which I think is very nicely done. Number two up on the audio page is the Oz Ep. Download away. In other news, check out Weezernation.com v2.0.


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Comment by Steve

This is one of the better tributes.

Comment by Eric

weezernarion 2.0 looks very shitty

Comment by mdhare

i disagree.

Comment by benji

well your opinion is not valid

Comment by mdhare

you win.

Comment by benji

silly benji.

Comment by Steve

is my opinion valid guys? i just want to be cool like you

Comment by =the anti-favre=

i couldn’t tell you, my opinion means nothing.

Comment by benji

New Weezernation: Crap
Old Weezernation: Slightly Less Crap
Weezer Tribute: Hilarious

Comment by Eric


Comment by name

However, the lite version if fantastic.

Comment by Eric

i woudnt say fantastic but it it much better then the regular version.

Comment by mdhare

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