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It's been so long.
August 7, 2003, 8:29 am
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Well, that was a fairly painless server move. I’m still getting some odd bugs worked out with the domain though, so when you type the addy be sure to put www or http:// before weezed.com, or else you’ll get some links to my webshell… Hopefully the tech support on this host is respectable enough. Anyhow, look for something new on the audio page in the coming days.


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Comment by who knows


Comment by benji

i, too, contribute.

Comment by kevin

this really means a lot to me guys.

Comment by benji

i really miss my comments. youd think some of the people that made 80 comments per post would use the forums once in a while, but no.

Comment by poopman5k

It’s too hard to go to the forum….you have to like….click and stuff.

Comment by IhaveacopyofSFTBH

see, poop, thats already too much work.

Comment by kevin

the templates kinda complicated too.

Comment by benji

benji.. where did scottshriner.net go..

Comment by kevin

nevermind.. its back now.. it like died for a day and a half

Comment by kevin

i didn’t even notice. hah.

Comment by benji

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