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Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking.
August 21, 2003, 9:15 pm
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I give you the next track of Camden, Undone. Click here. This is my last weekend of freedom before school (school!) starts back up on Tuesday. This has been one of the fastest summers of my life, both on the website and in the real world, but I’m stoked I was able to get the back end of St. Paul and Cerritos out to you, along with the other miscellaneous things for the season. As I’m pulled back into captivity by the academic side of life I just want to let you know that I have cross country as well as homework, but we’ll see how things work out with my time management. Speaking of cross country, I’ll be at Beavercreek, then Greenville next week (Prez!).


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Thanks again for releasing this. For anyone that wants to know, here is the setlist for the show

Undone (The Sweater Song)
Burndt Jamb
In the Garage
The Good Life
Hash Pipe
Say it Ain’t So
No Other One
Don’t Let Go
Surf Wax America
Why Bother
Dope Nose
My Name is Jonas
El Scorcho

Buddy Holly
Only in Dreams

Comment by Kevin


Comment by benji

benji i need you asap.

Comment by poopman5k

Dare I ask, “What for?”

Comment by Com(?)

school sucks.

Comment by Steve

benji… the audio on this makes me want to cry. seriously, please. do something about it.

Comment by poopman5k

what’d i do now?

Comment by benji


Comment by nimrod

I have a picture of Brian using a guitar that wasn’t made by Gibson.

Comment by Com(?)


Comment by benji


Comment by poopman5k

i’m sorry. i was being a smartass. i will no longer be smart.

Comment by benji

Benji no longer smart? That’s unpossible.

Comment by Com(?)

Hmm… I suppose that would have been funnier if I changed my name to ‘benji.’

Comment by Com(?)

wow, do i wish i still had DSL. fuck the world.

Comment by =the anti-favre=

crazy crazy stories I read in the comments at weezed.com.

Comment by Steve

what happened to you dick sucking lips, favre?

Comment by poopman5k

and how would you know he has them, poop?

Comment by kevin

where would i be able to get the st. paul’s video?

Comment by johnny wolfwood

“wow, do i wish i still had DSL” he said it.

Comment by poopman5k

*is confused*

Comment by =the anti-favre=

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