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Remember when school was easy?
August 27, 2003, 6:32 pm
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I’ve tripped out the video page with the next track of Camden. To Getchoo, click here. Eh, that was semi-lame. I’ll be more careful in the future. I just typed this so it would take up more than one line.


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we’ve all been down this road, benji. just remember one thing — it’s only stealing if you get caught.

Comment by poopman5k

and you fucked up the audio again!

Comment by poopman5k

no, i didn’t do anything to the audio.

Comment by benji

yeha poopmans right about the audio, it’s too bassy or something maybe to, all distortion comes out horribly. But i don’t care, the video makes up for any and everything.

Comment by Prezhulio

Keep The Good JOb Benji! you have the best weezer Site !

Comment by Carl

it’s like that on the source. it kinda rattles when he’s talkin too. i dunno.

Comment by benji

ah, my bad. Still awesome, see ya at greenville tommorrow

Comment by Prezhulio

LIES. benji aim me asap (you’re the only one that can help this time).

Comment by poopman5k

This is by far the best weez site on the net. The clips from the shows are unreal and you have the only FTP that works for me. YOU OWN.

Comment by BrodieBruce16

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