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Pulling through, one day at a time.
September 7, 2003, 7:44 pm
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As promised, the next video of Camden is now on the video page, which happens to be Burndt Jamb. Quite an epic performance of Burdnt Jamb as well. Scott is in his element, and the pyro is everywhere during the riff. The video is pretty dark at the very end though… mostly because all of the lights in the venue are off.


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haha made chris look like a jackass.
(see previous set of comments)
(good natured sarcasm)

Comment by benji

i dont know what to say…so benji, you win.

Comment by chris


Comment by benji

Benji, when is the 2/11/02 show goin up of contineltal airlines arena? Do it whenever you have the time

Comment by Coleman

Geez. Benji isn’t your bitch (he’s mine). It’s hard getting videos and shit. You are lucky that you get the shit you do, Coleman. God damn.

I’m done.

Comment by Steve

the 2.11.02 boot sucked, quality and performance wise. it was released ages ago and quikly went away, even the fact that i was at the show doesn’t make me want to hear it again.

Comment by balupo

coleman… i emailed you yesterday about where i uploaded it to… unless the email you use here is bogus…?

Comment by benji

“Thanks to Dave for the leak” sigh.

Comment by poopman5k

oh shit thanks man sorry, you kick ass

Comment by Coleman

poopman you despise dave…
there was nobody else to thank…

Comment by benji

Someone please tell me where I can get more boots, audio and video, I just got a new PC, and this FTP is the only one I can get to work.
BTW, This is the best weez site ever.

Comment by BrodieBruce16

in the past you could get everything from an http://ftp... but now you might try http://www.weezin.tk for audio. i don’t think weerez.com is fully functional yet?

Comment by benji

just wait a few weeks or so..

Comment by poopman5k

benji.. need to talk asap, scottshriner.net is fucked, i cant update/upload anything, and the site wont even load

Comment by kevin

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