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In the event of an emergency…
October 4, 2003, 12:17 pm
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The next video of Camden, No Other One, is now up on the video page. There’s a lot of Rivers and Scott goodness in this one. That is, if you’re into that sort of thing… Also, do you like this biography page, or the old school one?

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the new bio page, for sure.

Comment by weezerwes

definitley the new page.

Comment by aliluvsuall

start page is way better than before, new bio-pg too

Comment by awf

i like the new one…and the new start page as well.

Comment by chris

looks familia

Comment by poopman5k

Much improved, but i think you should make some more interesting graphics of the individuals. Maybe a collage or something of that sort…

Comment by ben

Definetly the new one.

Comment by nimrod

poop, i told you…

Comment by benji

did you really tell him?

Comment by mike

cool entrance thingy too.

Comment by nimrod

definitely the new page..looks awesome!

Comment by xbrianx

great picture, i forgot about those..

Comment by name

the new one man. Pictures rock my socks.

Comment by Danny

speaking o’ pictures i think an update to the pics page may be in order….

Comment by benji

add my picture PLZ!

Comment by mike

whats wrong with weezernation.com ?!

Comment by butch

what you talkin bout mike… and poop is quoted as saying ‘multiple things’.

Comment by benji

yeah, dont even ask. but the main site is back up now. i think?

Comment by poopman5k

@ poopman : not yet

Comment by simpleton

yeah it is, maybe your dns didnt update yet (AOL?). im hosting the whole sweden boot. beat that benji! jk

Comment by poopman5k

haha. i could actually host the next 11 of camden… wait. no.

Comment by benji

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