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October 16, 2003, 9:29 pm
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Check out the video page for the next track of Camden, Why Bother? Click here. I’m thinking about setting up a Weezer Filesharing Hub. It’s a great way to both acquire and share files that lets you directly connect with other users, making transfer much faster than say, AIM. The problem with a hub however, is that relys completely on the participation of others to function. If it works out though, it’d make available almost any weezer file you might want. Comment if you’re intererested so I know there is support for this.


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I am Andrew. I am currently sharing my stash of Weezer through AIM. I’m HTML-illiterate, but interested. My AIM is “Theandrewinspace”

Comment by andrew

I think that is a good idea, but as long as it doesn’t become some elitist BS, and everyone just freely shares. I’ve been thinking of something like this for a few years, but I realized there are alot of jerky fans. Good luck! 🙂

Comment by xbrianx

Oops. Forgot to mention, is it possible to get a hold of tracks 1-3 for the Camden show anywhere? I really need these! Please help out if you can anyone.

Comment by xbrianx

i’m in favor.

Comment by keith

heck yeah im in.

Comment by Steve

thaat’s the best idea i’ve heard in a while. it better happen

Comment by Chris

i , too, am in.

Comment by Prezhulio

Would this be a bit-torrent kind of thing? That works really well and it’s a great way for a number of people to share files. I’d help any way I can. Thanks for putting stuff up for all of us!

Comment by thaisajs

‘ll probably use DC++ with a PtokaX DC Hub if enough people are willing to do this to make it work.

Comment by benji

A good idea! sounds great!

Comment by Cocoon

I’m in.

Comment by Eric

as em i

Comment by mdhare

thanks very much for the video. It would be really awesome if you get a chance to post 1-3 again some time.

Comment by stalin

well… this wouldn’t be an issue of me posting them again if i set up the hub and people use it.

Comment by benji

Hell yea im in.

Comment by Kristen

I’m up for it. And I’m on a t3.

Comment by Braden

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