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October 19, 2003, 4:32 pm
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Okay, I’ve decided to set up the hub as a little expiriment of mine. Information on it is here. Basically what you’ll have to do is email me at cocoaben@woh.rr.com with the username and password you want and I’ll add you to the hub, then tell you what to do from there. You’ll need to download DC++. The more people that sign up the better. I’ll try to stay logged into the hub for these first few days to help get it goin’, but after that it should be fairly self-sufficent. (Not saying I won’t stay anyhow). Anyhow, SIGN UP and LOGIN.

[Edit]- Any hub registration requests after this point won’t be answered until Saturday night, as I’m going out of town. I’ll be postin’ the next vid of Camden from the road.


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Comment by Steve

benji, why don’t you make the offer more enticing by offering something exclusive only available via hub, or only offering a camden track through the hub.. it may spark more interest.

Comment by keith

Boohoo I’m a Mac user… no DC++ for me I’m afraid…

Comment by Crooty :-)

awesome shit

Comment by =the anti-favre=

if yo’ll notice the entire remainder of the camden show has been on the hub… and for the mac user… you can download any Direct Connect software. you can try this, but ‘ve never used it so i ca’t give any help.

Comment by benji

uh can someone help with me with this thing? i have no idea what im doing… please email me or aim me, AIM-
nimrod8627 or email- nimrod8627@yahoo.com, thanks.

Comment by nimrod

your making it to hard to join the hub benji

Comment by mdhare

all you have to do is email me…
and this keeps unregistered users from coming on and sharing illegal material.

Comment by benji

uh, I e-mailed you but I never got a reply…

Comment by pyroboy2069

there just arent that many people around right now…

Comment by poopman5k

so coudnt you just post the info on your site.

Comment by mdhare

no mdhare, that would be too easy.. ; ) plus we wouldn’t want those unreg. users..

Comment by keith

so i lookin foward to the Saturday night…. btw:
does anyone know what happened to weezer.ca ? why it is pw – protected ??

Comment by butch

Peter was in the process of changing servers. I’m assuming he has the password up while he uploads all of the old content to the new server. It’s supposed to be oodles better than the last.

Comment by Eric

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