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Flies never visit an egg that has no crack.
November 20, 2003, 6:03 am
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At long last, the final video of Camden, Only in Dreams. Click here. Hope everyone enjoyed the Camden show. I guess the question is now, “What next”? Anyhow, we had wireless internet installed in our house, which in turn totally screwed up the hub. I can no longer connect to other people in hubs, much less run my own hub. If someone has expirience with this, please comment, I’d like very much to keep the hub running. Also, check thespecialgoodness.com for a long awaited sneak peek at the NFA music video.

Driving instructor by day, rock star by night.
November 15, 2003, 7:38 am
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Yes, now up on the video page is the next track of Camden, Buddy Holly. Click here. I’ve also put tracks one through three back up for those who missed em. Consequently, I had to take down tracks four through ten to make room for the next track, Only In Dreams, which by the way, you should look for in the coming days!

You bring the cake, I'll bring the birthday.
November 9, 2003, 8:45 pm
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Now up on the video page is the next track of Camden, December. Click here. The intermission video is also up for the completists. Coming later this week… Buddy Holly and Only In Dreams! Only In Dreams is one helluva file, get your modem lubed up. Er….

The palest ink is better than the best memory.
November 3, 2003, 5:29 pm
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Check the video page for the next video of Camden, El Scorcho. Click here. If you’re missing some videos from the show download them now, I’ll be taking them down soon. The advantage of this is I’ll be able to get tracks one through three back up. Sorry about the hub’s downtime over the weekend, I was messing with an internet connection on the other computer and killed it on this one. Oh well. On a side note, if anyone has the Weezines from the spring and summer of ’96 please email me at cocoaben@woh.rr.com! I’ll hook you up with a video or something if you either send them to me or scan them for me. I should be getting my license in two weeks or so. (Thumbs up).