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Flies never visit an egg that has no crack.
November 20, 2003, 6:03 am
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At long last, the final video of Camden, Only in Dreams. Click here. Hope everyone enjoyed the Camden show. I guess the question is now, “What next”? Anyhow, we had wireless internet installed in our house, which in turn totally screwed up the hub. I can no longer connect to other people in hubs, much less run my own hub. If someone has expirience with this, please comment, I’d like very much to keep the hub running. Also, check thespecialgoodness.com for a long awaited sneak peek at the NFA music video.


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can you connect to people in passive mode?

Comment by name

rock fucking on

Comment by al

127MB……wat teh fuck

Comment by =the anti-favre=

damn dynamic ips, make it impossible to ban someone.

Comment by benji

id download this if i still liked weezer.

Comment by poopman5k

quit comlaining. i could have made it into one 97 mb mpg and one 30 mpg… but what’s the point? i also could have encoded the show in avi…

Comment by benji

i love all 127 megs of it.

Comment by al

You could have zipped it.

Comment by Eric

what’s the point? it’d save 5 megs, and not everyone has winzip. (though they should).

Comment by benji

Well… You could have bought cable modems for everyone. That’d’ve been real affective.

In any case, I’m greatful for the downloads.

Comment by Eric

Comment by =the anti-favre=


Comment by =the anti-favre=

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