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December 8, 2003, 8:31 pm
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Check out the wallpapers page for a nifty/random new wallpaper I put together for ya. I think I might take down Camden soon and put up the Glastonbury video from 1995 just to kill bandwidth so I can move. Not exactly the best picture, but it has decent sound and Matt. And Rivers has a brace and can’t move. Any objections?


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sounds interesting..

Comment by Pedro

tis, pedro the lion.

Comment by benji

aw! poor rivers! wut did he need that surgery/brace for anyways? oh, and yeah, definitely put that show up.

Comment by marthie

glastonbury as in glastonbury CT? or some where else?

Comment by Kristen


Comment by =the anti-favre=


and glastonbury, england.

Comment by benji

please (and thank you if you) put that show up. i think it’d be a great addition to anyone’s collection of live weez.

Comment by drew

Sounds good to me.

Comment by Nimrod


Comment by got weezer?

england? is that still a country?

Comment by =the anti-favre=

I have a good way to waste bandwidth. Record a crappy song and post it as the leaked Mp3 of Lullabye for Wayne. And encode it in wav. …It’d be great.

Comment by Eric

nobody wants LFW anyways. pedro the lion, he’s in cinni tonite.

i’m all for an old live video.

Comment by nick

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