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Pere Noel ne visiter pas?
December 16, 2003, 9:27 pm
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The site is now on the new server. The videos are still hosted at the old one, so you can still download those on the video page until my old host realizes what’s goin on, and that I have stopped paying them. On the docket for you all… A bootleg from SS2k. Some of you may already have it, but this is much better quality than the old one I have from the wonderful weezernation bootleg archive. First one who guesses which show it is gets a cookie (semi-hint in the subject line).


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is it one of the Kroq Almost acoustic Xmas shows?

Comment by Kevin

is it 2000-08-31 – Toronto, CAN. i thought it was french.

Comment by Scott Cooper

nice thinking… but no.

Comment by benji


Comment by Nimrod

is it st paul?

Comment by bull

i think it’s the Los Angeles 2000-12-30 show because it has a Christmas theme (The Christmas Song and Christmas Celebration)hence, “Pere Noel ne visiter pas” and the files are larger than usual which means better quality!

Comment by al

that show’s quality is impeccable, but that’s not the one. the second one was closest. think location!

Comment by benji

ok benji is it 2000-07-30 – Hollywood, CA. My reasoning for it is that is where Father Christmas was first made, cuz no one knew him til they seen him in the movies.

Comment by Scott Cooper

I’ve tried downloading the Only In Dreams video so many times, but since it is so large, it always ends up stoping of “server has timed out” kinda stuff happens. It is so frustrating. I’m glad it is still up, please don’t remove it, I need to have it, it is my favourite song, and I’m been looking for a good video of it forever! Thanks!

Comment by Colin

The Glastonbury show videos will not download. What’s with that?

Comment by Peter

“until my host realize what’s goin on”

he realized what was going on.
and nobody has guessed it yet! superchrono anyone?

Comment by benji

12/16/2000. They didn’t play the christmas song because of some sort of amp problem, thus noel ne visiter pas.

Comment by sidshowrob

2000-09-03 chiccccccgo

Comment by nick

hellow… I would like to say that I m a great fan from the band weezer and like to see posted the los angeles’ show specially the song “o lisa” from 03/16/2003 in mp3

Comment by weezing

At any point in time, will the St. Paul concert be put back up?

Comment by Marz 12

SS2k show in Santa Barbara, CA. Did I guess right?

Comment by goatlover101

I think the fact that the date that you posted that post-dates the date the show was posted gives it a way. Just a little.

Comment by Eric

“the date that you posted that post-dates the date the show was posted”

I’m confused

Comment by bryan

people are still commenting on this post? now i’m confused…

Comment by benji

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