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Open up a bottle of holiday cheer.
December 24, 2003, 12:39 pm
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Happy holidays my friends. Check the audio and video pages for your christmas/hanukkah/kwanza presents. In the way of the audio there is a SS2k show in Santa Barbara, CA (I can’t believe nobody guessed that), and on the video page is Weezer’s appearence at the opening of the Hard Rock Hotel in ’95. The audio skips out for about 2 seconds during The World Has Turned and Left Me Here, but it’s not often you get a bootleg of them performing that song, much less a video. It’s followed by My Name Is Jonas. Enjoy it like an eggnog salad.

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‘Enjoy it like an eggnog salad’ is the new ‘shake it like a polaroid picture’

Comment by balupo


Comment by xek

xek! who let you back in the country?

Comment by benji

Will the St. Paul concert ever be put back up?

Comment by Weez02

You probably missed it.

Comment by Mike

ben g

Comment by poopman5k

>:O your vhs sucks

Comment by poopman5k

oh jeez, the audio skips for the 2 BEST seconds of the song.

its alright thought, benny, we still

Comment by poopman5k

it left out the “(heart) you”

Comment by poopman5k


Comment by poopman5k

k im done now.

Comment by poopman5k

you complain a lot.

Comment by benji

Love the new welcome page

Comment by Andrew

You’re right, Benji. PHP makes everything a [whole] lot easier.

Comment by Eric

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