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January 5, 2004, 4:31 pm
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I’ve got for you a special treat… Straight from the Spike Jonze DVD is the Buddy Holly music video, complete with voiceover commentary by the band. Right click, save as, here. Sorry about the rough edit, every time I’d encode it the quality would deteriorate, so I figured you could deal with a second of options menu. Anyhow, I highly suggest you go and buy the Spike Jonze DVD. In addition to this, there is also the Undone video, complete with more commentary from the band, along with much more interesting stuff. (Rodeo documentary!). So uh… do it.


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thanks B

Comment by motzart

cool, thanks

Comment by nickoberg

“I didn’t go. Awards are for losers…………….” Best. Line. Ever.

Comment by Kirbs

And then he went on to play Hashpipe at the VMAs later.

Comment by Eric

i’m pretty sure that interview was even made after the 2001 VMAs. a bit of a hypocrite maybe?

Comment by benji

Maybe he done got plum stoned.

Comment by Eric

the performance was at the movie awards, nothing to do with music videos


Comment by balupo

still an awards show, and the fact of which award show is being reffered to is irrelevant to the point being made.

Comment by benji

maybe he was just joking

Comment by stalin

perhaps i was as well…. anyhow, the ‘kthx’ got me all riled up.

Comment by benji

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