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Dan Brown explains the great unknowns.
January 28, 2004, 8:57 pm
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After a bit of a delay, now on the video page is the first of three tracks of the Y100 Sonic Sessions on 6/20/1997. Click here. This has been a crazy week… no school on Monday because of snow, and a water main break in front of the school today. Wow.


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Comment by goatlover101


Comment by benji

oh fun!

Comment by andrew

oh god matt looks bored out of his mind

Comment by andrew

and again no school benji!

Comment by Prezhulio

damn you! we didn’t even have a delay. fucking dayton was closed. one of our school busses skid and wrecked right in front of the school, though. that was cool.

Comment by benji

woah, i didn’t relize till now that not everybody was closed.
p.s. – that thing about the school bus is hot awesome.

Comment by Prezhulio

ohio…i love this state.

Comment by drew

hey, this is kinda a retared request… but does anyone have all of the glastonbury videos i posted right around christmas? i lost em all somehow and i don’t want to spend hours cutting of the video again. aim: whenglasscracks

Comment by benji

the 4 tracks from the 95 glastonbury show?

if you havnt got them yet i would be more than happy to send them to you tomorrow

Comment by mdhare

well, if it’s the glastonbury show i’ll take em, but the tracklist for the entire show is….

no one else
in the garage
say it aint so
my name is jonas
buddy holly


Comment by benji

Comment by benji

Yeah, I’ve got it. AIM: cellarius foris (I’ve got a cable modem, so it shouldn’t be that bad)

Comment by Eric

recieved! you are a true gentleman. er a teddy bear or somethin.

Comment by benji

uh… is there some chance for these glastonburry videos be avaliable on the site again at the future? i´ve missed them…

Comment by carlosBrasil

wouldn’t be surprised if they made it to the weezernation bootleg archive soon.

Comment by benji

Just wanted to say hello! Direct TV http://www.direct-tv-source.com

Comment by Direct TV

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