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Leap into the rest of the year.
February 29, 2004, 12:21 am
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Thanks to a very helpful individual, I was able to acquire the remaining artifacts to complete the new version of the riverscuomo.com site. Check out the new rcdotcom page for fully functional mirrors of the old and new versions of the infamous riverscuomo.com, complete with mp3s and artifacts. Mill about now.

Chairman of the Priory of Nothing.
February 21, 2004, 9:59 am
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Well, the last track of the Y100 show is up on the video page. Tim “Speed” Levitch (Matt’s weird friend) lends his poetic stylings to Undone. He is… amazing. Anyway, I’m not sure how long this video will stay up this month because of bandwidth. I took all the other ones down except The Good Life for the time being. As soon as “Webmaster” gives me the nod I’ll have to cut all the downloads for this month.

[Edit]- The nod has been recieved and a/v downloads are off until the turn of the month. Gday!

The eyes, like lead, poison the mind.
February 12, 2004, 11:28 pm
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After even more unbearable video editor and syncing difficulties the second track of the 96 Y100 show is up on the video page. I have to get up in 3 and 1/2 hours to fly, so please excuse my terseness. I wouldn’t want to sleep through the entire ride now would I?

Oh yeah, and there is a rumor milling about involving Rivers and Matt playing together at Matt’s recent solo show. Well, it has been neither confirmed nor denied as of yet, but if true it’d definately be pretty cool, especially since Karl probably would have gotten it on film. By the way, this means absolutely nothing, except Matt and Rivers don’t hate each other. (Did they really ever?)

[Edit]- It’s official. And bootlegs are said to exist. Cool.
first off: The rumors are true. I was trying to contact you both yesterday, but hadn’t heard from you. And the other good news is: The full-length solo album is coming out April 6th. As you can imagine, it’s crazy here right now. I’ll give you more detials on all of this as soon as possible. I’ll get you an announcement from Matt very soon.
Kind regards,

Rubber stamp posts office memorandum.
February 7, 2004, 2:35 pm
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Well, I was gonna get the next track of the Y100 show all synced for ya, but my editor was being a bitch and kept crashing, so I actually got some site work done instead. Check out the new links page. I know I missed some worthy sites so leave some comments. Also check out the updated bootleg list here. Someone trade a video with me, it’s been far too long. Hmm… This is probably the first time I’ve actually updated something besides the A/V page in months. Commend me. But I guess you guys don’t really mind all the new audio and video either though?