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February 7, 2004, 2:35 pm
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Well, I was gonna get the next track of the Y100 show all synced for ya, but my editor was being a bitch and kept crashing, so I actually got some site work done instead. Check out the new links page. I know I missed some worthy sites so leave some comments. Also check out the updated bootleg list here. Someone trade a video with me, it’s been far too long. Hmm… This is probably the first time I’ve actually updated something besides the A/V page in months. Commend me. But I guess you guys don’t really mind all the new audio and video either though?

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Thank god Weezer Island is at the bottom.

Comment by Eric

so you don’t have to look at it…?

Comment by benji

Weezer.com is a good site. They have a lot of weezer information. You should link to them.

Comment by Brodie

hey thanks for putting up a link to my site (weezer101)…


Comment by Ben


Comment by Steve


Comment by pete

yeah so did I. A year ago.

Comment by Brodie

you could link to http://www.weezer.de, its a nice site, and a special message board.

Comment by simpleton

pete, where to?

Comment by poopman5k

If I make a website that’s dedicated to fan-written weezer tribute songs that often have innacurate and somewhat irrelivant information, will you link me?

Comment by Eric

i’ll link pretty much anyone that updates.

Comment by benji

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