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February 21, 2004, 9:59 am
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Well, the last track of the Y100 show is up on the video page. Tim “Speed” Levitch (Matt’s weird friend) lends his poetic stylings to Undone. He is… amazing. Anyway, I’m not sure how long this video will stay up this month because of bandwidth. I took all the other ones down except The Good Life for the time being. As soon as “Webmaster” gives me the nod I’ll have to cut all the downloads for this month.

[Edit]- The nod has been recieved and a/v downloads are off until the turn of the month. Gday!

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w0rd, good release benj

Comment by Prezhulio

Wow… I just got my hands on a Vanilla Ice vs. Weezer mp3… Man… This is either the worst or best thing I’ve ever heard.

Comment by Eric

what now?

Comment by benji


Comment by Eric

wow. i know what you mean now….

Comment by benji

benji! i dont wanna have to cut you off! pull vids asap~!

Comment by poopman5k

just read your post! yes, im a moron! so im nodding now!

Comment by poopman5k

Why doesn’t the video play in Media Player? Have had this problem on two different computers. :\

Comment by Mike

works for me. and mmkay poopman.

Comment by benji

yeah, mine doesn’t play on media player either…

Comment by alissa

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