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March 6, 2004, 8:57 pm
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Well, if you haven’t noticed the media is back up, so everyone who couldn’t download the last track of the Y100 Sessions with guest Tim “Speed” Levitch can now do that on the video page. I think I’m going to take a mini break from the media driven site that riff raff has become recently and try to work a little more on the actual content of the site. Unfortunately I haven’t been movitivated to do anything productive in the past year and a half, so please leave a comment to give me an idea of what things I should focus on. Lemme give you some options. I could make the band’s bios more descriptive and more professional (was I in middle school when I wrote those?!) and add a Weezer bio/mini chrono, add more info to lyrics, press, or discography, pictures, or… something else? I’m really tiring of this design, and a lot of the stuff in the “fun” section are old and pointless, such as the prank and comics… Revamp is on the distant horizon. Preliminary debut- Summer ’04/’07.

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More organized and complete lyrics section.

Comment by Eric

no one cares about bios…just keep giving us the sweet sweet downloads

Comment by dude

didnt they play the dukes of hazard them at the y100 session? we totally need that video

Comment by name

You should get scans of all the mag articles, etc. that you can. And maybe make an upload section for fan pics, like from when they went to Weez concerts, etc.

Comment by Matt

let me just say…the new splash page…amazing…two thumbs up.

Comment by drew

hmmmm do you know where to get the codecs to play ‘undone’ from y100 on windows media player? ….thanks…

Comment by jason

thanks for all the suggestions guys, keep em comin. they didn’t play dukes of hazaard on TV for some reason. and about the codecs… make sure you’re updated to the lastest version of windows media player… other than that… anyone got anything? works for me. :\

Comment by benji

i’d like to see more weezines.

Comment by marybeth

the video just isn’t working for me. I have the latest WMP, downloaded the latest codecs, and redownloaded the file 3 times now and it just isn’t working. It may be the file itself since the previous two tracks plays fine. I dunno, but thanks anyway.

Comment by Ben

stuff what weezer.com doesn’t already offer. that’s hard to manage. i love the downloads. i know that’s the hardest thing to do, but that’s why i have loved all these fan site. weezed, weezin, nation, w=rez, weezur.. all good! the riverscuomo.com update, with downlaods and links was cool!

Comment by nickoberg

I think it would be cool to have the oasis covers that goat punishment did. I hear that the songs were played, but have never seen them bootlegged

Comment by trout

not even karl recorded that show. 😦
and about the weezines… if ANYONE has the ones i’m missing in the zine chive please email me. you will be rewarded. (old fan club only though).

Comment by benji

To anyone having problems with the video: try using VideoLan Client. It’ll play the video just fine. It’s the program I’ve used to play the Mykel & Carli Tribute Show as well, since that always acted up funny with Media Player…

Comment by Mike

the upload form isn’t working in zee fan art section. just thought i’d mention it :p

Comment by cece

Does anyone have any other information on Tim “Speed” Levitch? Also, does anyone else think he sounds a lot like Andy Dick?

Comment by drew

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