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Deluxe makes an early arrival.
March 12, 2004, 11:03 pm
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Well, the Blue Album: Deluxe Edition is now available for download on iTunes so I hear, and although I would rather you all buy the album, all the good stuff from the cd is up for download at weezernation.com. Meh. Download it if you don’t want to spend $30 for a few rarities, but keep in mind TBA:DE will contain much more in the form of liner notes, pictures, etc. I hate to see all the stuff we’ve been looking forward to getting from TBA:SE hosted on the internet before the albums release, but hell, I downloaded em. Anyway, I won’t host them here, but I’m sure every other website will host them soon. I should be happy about the album ‘leak’, I think I need Prozac or something.


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Agreed Benji.

Comment by Coop

ehhh, benji. should i even remind you why this thing is coming out?

$$$$$$$$ for Universal.

Comment by poopman5k

which eventually translates into pennies for weezer, yes. it’s different than a real album, i know, but i have problems i guess…

Comment by benji

Meh. I’m still gettin’ it.

Comment by Eric

doesn’t feel the same as it has, to beable to download FTW.

Comment by name

hopefully assholes will buy it anyway. support the band.

Comment by =the anti-favre=

Agreed with favre. I’m stil buying it. Coop

Comment by Coop

of course we’ll all buy. we’re like crack fiends

Comment by stalin

And thus makes me Weezed.com’s 123456th visitor.

Comment by Eric


Comment by poopman5k

i was the 122222nd hit. i have a screen cap somewhere. whooo.

Comment by benji

All of this may be true but if we buy it, Weezer will get about no money. The record company gets what 99% of the profit.You support a band by going to the fucking concerts and rocking out!

Comment by Coach Mcguirk

Especially because Weezer’s been actively touring for the past year or so.

Comment by Eric

of course it helps a band to buy their album.. The more units a band can sell the better they can negotiate their record deals, the more the label is willing to advertise them, the better venues the band can play, and so forth.

Comment by stalin

but do we really want to see weezer succeed THAT much? it just seems like it was a lot cooler to like weezer when nobody remembered them back in 2000.

Comment by benji

weezer will never reach the “great band of our time” universal status like the beatles, zeppelin, floyd,dylan,hendrix(as cliche as that seems) unless they do something incredible with album 5. don’t get me wrong, to me they are the great band of my time, but hardly to everyone. I’d rather have them as they are, rock-fucking-tasitic.

Comment by Prezhulio

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