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Frustrations beyond comprehension.
April 13, 2004, 5:24 pm
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Hey all. I’m back from my week of laziness following my week of spring break. I was gonna put up a video of Weezer performing in a boxing ring, which was a Y100 Sonic Session, so we have great audio of it. Unfortunately my editor keeps combusting unexpectedly so it’s making syncing the audio rather impossible, and I don’t want to give out this video with the crappy audio already on the tape, sooooo….. I dunno. Maybe the problem will solve itself. This angers me.


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Comment by Al Capone

Maybe you should… Invest in some better programs/hardware…

Comment by Eric

Maybe you should…pay for it…

Comment by Kirby

pay for what…?

Comment by benji

are you using cool edit pro?

Comment by al

euh… i’m using ulead for video editing. i have cool edit, but what’s this have to do with the video…? wha?

Comment by benji

i’m pretty sure you can edit the video with cool edit if your other one isnt working

Comment by al

you must have a different cool edit pro than me then…

Comment by benji

vegas video 4.0

Comment by me

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