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The urge to an iPod is undesireable, yet unavoidable.
July 23, 2004, 5:29 pm
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For all your bootleg collectors and audiophiles, I am now seeding the June 16, 2000 Weezer/Goat Punishment show at Sharing The Groove. You’ll need a bitTorrent client to download it, and a conversion tool or plugin to use the shn files. Click here for the thread. Keep the post near the top if you can, not many people have this bootleg, and I don’t want to have to keep re-seeding the bitch.

In other news… weezerNet is back… again. I’m attempting to get a free iPod. I am working, a lot. Therefore, I have acquired an MD recorder with neccesary microphones, which shall prove useful in recording future Weezer shows. Finally, my computer is slowly (quickly) becoming obsolete. I need to find a spare 40 and 80 gig hard drive to backup my files on so I can format this piece. Until then, new videos are a bleak possibility, resulting from hardware limitations. That is all.


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What recorder? And you should probably get a battery module, probably with a bass filter, too.

Comment by Eric

sony mz-r900. i don’t need a battery box for power, and i probably wouldn’t need the bass rolloff for weezer shows since i’d be so far away, but i’d need it if i was closer to the stage. unfortunately, a battery box makes the recorder harder to conceal…

Comment by benji

Well, I suppose it would depend on where you were, but if it’s going to be loud, you might consider getting the box. Usually those things just don’t have enough juice to give to the mics in loud situations. Plus, you could just stuff it all in your crotch.

Comment by Eric

free ipod? wow.. i saw the pictures. I can’t believe it actually worked. those things always seemed like a scam lol.

Comment by Lis

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