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August 5, 2004, 10:12 pm
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Check out the audio page for a brand new bootleg. The show is a SS2k show in Houston, on September 11. The audio certainly isn’t amazing, but I believe it has never before been “released” online. Much more rare audio should be on its way. People still come here… right?


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Can’t you look at log files or something? Are you that lazy?

Comment by Eric

…I mean, good work. But it has been released online. Just a different, worse quality one.

Comment by Eric

i still come here
rock on brotha

Comment by dude

hmmm… ok. and i just kinda assumed it hadn’t been released since i didn’t have it before, the bootleg archive didn’t, and the weezer tour archive didn’t have a setlist. and worse quality than this? wow.

Comment by benji

yeah i have over 100 boots and i didn’t have it. thanks benj.

Comment by Coop

If you didn’t have it, and the archive didn’t have it… How do I have it?

Comment by Eric

no clue. weezon doesn’t have it, either. did anyone else have this before?

Comment by benji

i already have this as well. but it was labeled as something else — 9.10.2000 in austin, tx?

Comment by gil

well, there’s a shitload of bootlegs from old traders that have never gone ‘digital’. i’d have a lot if i still cared as i once did. maybe if i get bored at scho… no, wait, i’ll be drunk.

benji – is this one of the ones in that big package you got?

Comment by poopman5k

no, this is another trade. and 9.10.2000 is a unique show. i have it, it has a different setlist and running time. believe it or not, they played in austin one day, then houston the next!

Comment by benji

why no aim?

Comment by poopman5k

I come here. NOOOOOOB.

Comment by Brodie

What is this more rare audio you speak of. Also, i don’t think it was recorded, but it would kick ass if you had the Dallas deep ellum show from SS2k

Comment by James

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