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Silver gives way to clad.
August 24, 2004, 6:01 pm
Filed under: Media

The next few songs from the new SS2k show are up on the audio page. Also up there are mp3s of all of Rivers’ myspace.com posts. Someone was kind enough to send me a copy of the 3-cam mix of the St. Paul, MN show on 07/09/02. It’s a shame I spent so much time releasing the old St. Paul video, because this one is so much better.

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benji’s back, kids!

Comment by poopman5k

except the without you mp3 is messed up…

Comment by poopman5k

didn’t bother to listen to it after making the mp3, i didn’t really like it…

Comment by benji

rerelease st paul plzkthx

Comment by BrodieBruce16

I neeeeeeed that st paul show, please release new one.

Comment by Nimrod

without you is fucking awesome, but the mp3 skips. st paul’s in the archive, no?

benji, run my site plz?

Comment by poopman5k

I’m talking the 3 camera one that looks all 1337sk337.

Comment by BrodieBruce16

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