Weezer – Riff Raff

The sum of FAD and NAD is POW.
September 19, 2004, 1:18 am
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Check out the audio page!
12/11/94 – Los Angeles, CA
Five tracks of FM goodness. Do people already have mp3s of this?


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Nice boot, thanks. Too bad it’s only 5 songs because they were obviously full of energy that night. :\

Comment by Mike

i concur. i almost mistaked buddy holly for the studio version, too. good quality.

Comment by benji

I’m gonna take a guess from the location and the date that this during KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Xmas.


Comment by Ben

that’d be a good guess.

Comment by benji

I love the scent of pig scat.

Comment by Brodie

i have the whole thing as one continuous file.

Comment by poopman5k

comment can u send bass tabs for say it ain’t so … U GUYS ROCK!

Comment by Rory

Several come imediately to mind. hilary duff It makes me think of something out marijuana of High Fidelity, which is a movie anna nicole smith I liked, although a part of that is svetlana khorkina certainly because it was a movie about, christmas partially for, and potentially by, paris hilton music people. I want to read the book the bible it was adapted from, too…the original carly patterson

Comment by KaZaA


Comment by Christie

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